ExamPlus organizes face-to-face and online Romanian language courses for foreigners.

Courses informations

Romanian courses are very flexible, so the timetable, length and frequency of the course will be agreed upon together with the teacher.

In designing your course you have the chance to:

  • choose the most suitable timetable
  • opt for a number of sessions per week that will best suit your needs
  • decide together with the teacher on the length of each session
  • by filling in the enrolment form
  • by having a short discussion with one of our Romanian teachers
  • you have little or no knowledge of Romanian
  • you wish to improve your level of Romanian
  • you simply want to have the chance to practise Romanian
  • you will adapt more easily to living in a new country
  • you can study in a Romanian university
  • you can improve your social interaction
  • you have direct access to Romanian culture

Or improve your knowledge of a language. With ExamPlus you can achieve your goal.